Marina Services

Haul In/Out

Our forklift can handle boats up to 24,000 lbs. 

Standard Haul In/Out – $6/ft (straps are $2/ft extra plus tax)

Haul Out to Trailer – $200 + tax

Additional Straps $2/ft

Survey Haul In/Out – $8/ft
(1 hour max in straps. Does not include rack, stand, or jack stands.)

Boat wash

Boat Rinse – $10
Boat must be clean and free of fish/bait/fluids

Motor Flush $50/motor

Salt-Away Rinse & Motor Flush – $65

Boat Wash $75 – Includes Haul Out

Pressure Wash Bottom – $200

Waxing & Detailing can be hired by approved marina sub-contractors. Please contact Marina Manager for details.

Work Rack for Non-Customers – $25/day + Tax